Schwab has the size and experience ideal for your construction project. Our goal is not to be the biggest contractor or have the most employees but instead to provide the best construction services to our customers. In fact, our size allows for our top management to be directly involved in your project. Our management team has decades of combined experience in the construction industry, and we will get your project completed safely, on time, and on budget.

Schwab employs a multi-skill self-perform workforce in each of our local markets. Our local tradesmen typically have multiple skills which often allows the same crew to work on your project from beginning to end. Having these crews on your project adds continuity to the construction of your project, lowers its cost, and can shorten the time to completion.

With Schwab, you can have confidence that our experienced team will identify and work through the many obstacles to a successful project. We will work with you throughout the planning and building process to keep your project running smoothly.

We work regularly with trusted local subcontractors and vendors in our markets to ensure that your project is priced competitively. Schwab has developed long term relationships with these local contractors and vendors, which allows us to bring their special expertise and pricing to your project.

Financial Stability

Schwab has no long-term operational debt and we own a large amount of modern construction equipment. Our strong balance sheet and financial resources, in addition to our local self-perform workforce and our in-house construction equipment give you our client the assurance that we have the resources needed to complete your project on time and on budget.


Safety on your project isn’t optional. Our approach on your job is that no one gets hurt. Our safety director, top management, and jobsite supervisors and tradesman will regularly review your construction project as it progresses in order to ensure that safety issues are considered and resolved at every phase of your project.

“The Schwab crew was very flexible and willing to work with us throughout our project.”

Ellen Speltz
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary