When Rochester Medical Corporation outgrew its existing facility in Stewartville, MN, the decision was made to construct a new building designed with future growth in mind. The new facility houses their corporate offices, a patented manufacturing area, “clean” rooms for product testing and packaging and warehouse space. The office area occupies approximately 11,800 square feet with the manufacturing and warehouse areas occupying an additional 40,000 square feet. The building is designed to allow for future expansion in two directions with minimal disruption to the manufacturing process. An under floor drainage system routed to a collection tank was installed to contain any potential spills from the chemicals used in manufacturing. Explosion panels were installed at the chemical storage areas for additional protection.

Schwab’s involvement during the design phase allowed the owner to stay in touch with the cost and scheduling changes that often accompany major and minor design changes. During the construction of the new building, our team also completed a design build addition to one of Rochester Medical’s existing plants.

    Rochester, MN

    Yaggy Colby Associates



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