We·no·nah Canoe is a very successful family business, building and shipping canoes and kayaks all around the world. In 2004, they purchased an out-of-state company that made roto-mold kayaks, a process that they did not use at the time, and made the decision to move the entire roto-mold factory near its headquarters and main manufacturing facility in Winona, MN. With the roto-mold process and equipment used in it being new to We·no·nah Canoe, and its present manufacturing facility already cramped with their thriving composite canoe business, the company decided to build a new plant to handle this new process.

A new 40,000 square foot manufacturing building was using the fast paced design/build method to allow the equipment to be moved out of the out-of-state factory prior to the end of its long term lease on the facility.

The manufacturing facility was built by Schwab on a new 5 acre site and was designed with two expandable exterior walls so space could be added quickly and efficiently the next time the need arises.

The project was built tax exempt using the State of Minnesota JOB Z program.

    Winona, MN
    OWA Architects



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