Schwab Specialty Services Division recently completed an inpatient pharmacy remodel at Winona Health. Our team took an area consisting of 2 patient rooms, storage areas, and bathrooms, and converted the space to house the new pharmacy. The pharmacy consists of a large work area, satellite pharmacy, storage room, and 2 clean rooms with an anti-room. Due to the location, our team utilized our crane and the roof for removal of demolition debris.

The pharmacy is also directly between the ICU and MSP departments and in a level 4 (highest risk) infection control zone. Due to the highly sensitive area Schwab utilized our infection control tools, including our HEPA filter, air scrubbers, and an air particle reader and negative air pressure reader, to ensure the rest of the hospital remained as clean as possible. Daily readings were taken and documentation is provided showing any air quality changes in the area.

    Winona, MN


    Specialty Services Division

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